Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY How to Paint a Faux Wood Cement Floor

STEP 1: Clean the cement floor and apply a degreaser or floor preparation that will make the paint adhere to the cement. There are several products on the market.

(*NOTE* If you have a floor which has paint on it that won't come up, especially if it is oil-based paint the water-based stain or paint will not adhere to it. You may have to use an oil based enamel like Cement Porch enamel paint or by treating the floor with a primer so that regular acrylic paint/stain will adhere to it.)

STEP 2: Select a color of water-based stain and paint the floor with a roller. The color should be lighter than the wood as it will be the highlight of the wood grain. 

STEP 3: After the floor has dried. Mix a batch of paint for the grain. This should be darker than the floor color. I used a water base-stain (in this case black) with equal parts glazing medium.

STEP 4: Mark out guidelines for each plank of faux wood flooring on the floor with a pencil.

STEP 5: Brush the stain/glaze mixture onto the area of one plank. Using a graining tool, pull it down the board by rocking it back and forth, as you pull it through the stain. (I will be adding a story board here soon that shows the process a little better.)

STEP 6: Protect your work of art by coating it with a sealer. There are many on the market. This floor was treated with an epoxy resin which was troweled on for extreme protection.